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For too long conservatives have had to support platforms that are opposed to their convictions. At BTR, our mission is to empower liberty minded people to unite around ideas that matter to them. With the help of the vast conservative community.

We’re shifting the social narrative one project at a time.


We can no longer be suppressed or silenced. Together, as a community, we can help each other achieve our goals and grow our great cause. Finally the platform exists to support everything you know and love! Help like-minded individuals like yourself start their new movement, create their new movie, jump start their campaign, or invent the newest technology. The potential is limitless when the community comes together.

Simple Pricing.

The new standard in online payments is right here. Lower third party fees so you keep more of what you earn. Simple. Secure. Fast.

Service Fee.

All campaigns are subject to a small service fee of 5% plus third party credit card fees through the reliable Stripe online payment site. Low fees. High rewards.

No Problem.

We know how important donations are to your goal, so whether you reach your goal or not, you keep your funds. Withdrawal them at any moment you desire.

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