FOAK Hurricane Rescue Operations

FOAK will be coordinating with Proud Boys, Bikers for Trump, and other organizations for rescue operations and other relief efforts for Hurricane Irma.

FOAK coordinated operations with other groups in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in Houston and was able to rescue 218 people from the floods.

The efforts for Hurricane Irma will be statewide throughout all of Florida, and will require far greater manpower and resources.

We have boats and personnel, but we need to raise funds for water, food, and supplies, including medical supplies, gasoline, batteries,radios, etc.

Please donate what you can to help our team save lives.

*** CURRENT STATUS UPDATE 12:15:45 am 10SEP2017***

Joint Task Force: Fraternal Order of the Alt-Knights(FOAK)/ProudBoys/Bikers for Trump

Mission: Hurricane IRMA Rescue Operation

Personnel: 100+ Volunteers (45+ Military/Medical Trained Personnel)

Boats: 5+

3 x 4000w Generators
2 x 2200w Generators

60+ cases of water

300+ gallons of gas

20 Cases of diapers and wipes

Heavy duty water pump

20 various length electric cords

7 Chainsaws

Numerous Sledges

Tarps, Bunchy cords and general rope.

17ft skif

16ft enclosed trailer with flood lights and tables.

2 Small trailors

6 First Aid Kits

Quick cook food

*** CURRENT STATUS UPDATE 15:42:45 pm 10SEP2017***

Found abandoned dog south of Miami Airport. Please share to locate owner and please donate for us to find dog food. We didn't bring pet food/supplies.

*** CURRENT STATUS UPDATE 19:03:45 pm 10SEP2017*

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