#LetThePatriotGamesBegin (Black Rebel)

If you want to help donate. This will contribute to supplying our team with proper protective gear and also help with legal funds and travel costs as we bring the fight to ANTIFA.

After being attacked in New Orleans during the May Day protest from the Communist group ANTIFA. I realize that this is a problem that needs to be dealt with face to face before before they get to this size we see in other countries. We are coming prepared with a vengeance to put a stop to these radical alt left groups who are out to destroy American Values, Constitutional Freedom, and our American history and Southern Culture.

I said after the MayDay attack that this was not over, it's the start of a war. This goes far beyond the removal of the Confederate Statues, this is a war Antifa declared and started and it's time we fight back.

No Mercy and No Tolerance,
If We the People don't take a stand and put a stop to these anti-fascist communist groups now they will become a worst problem in America. It is time that we unite As American Patriots and fight against those who want to destroy our Country.

I am with a group The HIWAYMEN We will not allow antifa to stand in the way and use their tactics of intimidation and chaos to disrupt our country and will take any appropriate action to ensure the personal safety of our people against any form a violence, threats, and
danger antifa or any communist groups has planned

It is time to #LetThePatriotGamesBegin and bring this fight to them

Austin, Texas
Columbia, South Carolina
New Orleans, Louisiana
Shreveport, Louisiana

City's To Come
Charlottesville Virginia
Portland Oregon
Berkeley California
Washington DC #MOAR

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#Update Special things to all those who have donated so far we are planning a anti-communism freedom March in New Orleans October 7th I will bring details soon

Black Rebel (Andrew Duncomb)

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