Controlling The Narrative (Black Rebel)

Controlling The Narrative Against Liberals
On the battlefield fighting against Neo-Marxist group Antifa as they try to destroy Freedom and American Values

If you want to help donate. This will contribute to supplying our team with proper protective gear and also help with legal funds and travel costs as we bring the fight to ANTIFA.

After being attacked in New Orleans during the May Day protest from the Communist group ANTIFA. I realize that this is a problem that needs to be dealt with face to face before they get to this size we see in other countries. We are coming prepared with a vengeance to put a stop to these radical alt left groups who are out to destroy American Values, Constitutional Freedom, and our American history and Culture.

I said after the MayDay attack that this was not over, it's the start of a war far beyond the removal of the Confederate Monument. This is a war Antifa declared it's time we fight back.
No Mercy and No Tolerance, If We the People don't take a stand andfight for what is right we will be surrendering our country over to the hands of communism and Marxism.

We have gained many victories throughout this fight so far, even and times that seem like failure we learned how to fix our mistakes. There has been a positive change slowly Across the Nation and we encourage others to stand up for their country and fight for the freedoms of our constitution.

Black Rebel defending Jefferson Davis Monument in New Orleans during May Day attack

#Update After losing my job when I return from New Orleans in the beginning of October it has been a challenge to be effective due to Financial limitations. Special thanks to all those who have helped so far. All support is needed right now to help move forward

Black Rebel (Andrew Duncomb)

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